Creating the old photos of the future

In 25, 50 or 100 years from now, these images will seem like the 'old' photos of today do to us.

 There are currently 13,148 images of Yorkshire in this archive and we're adding more every week. Click on any photo for details and map.

About this site:

This is the publicly viewable and searchable face of our Archive - every image you see has an associated photographic negative, carefully stored, that will last for hundreds of years. It's designed with future generations in mind - to allow them to search and find the images that interest them.

We recommend that you study the "How to search"  page for instructions on locating subjects, places, people and things in the archive.

Note: To prevent commercial exploitation, all images on the site are restricted to 800px on the longest edge - we keep very high resolution tiff files of all images for reproduction and licensing. And of course every photo you see here has an associated film negative (or positive slide) stored in our physical archive.

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