Contributing images to the archive:


1. Choose your film (B&W preferred as it will last longer in the archive, but we do accept colour).
2. Take your photos – as long as it's in Yorkshire and in focus, we'll accept it.
3. Develop and scan – this must be a TIFF and minimum 25MB. You can do it yourself, use our services (if you're a member) or use a commercial service (which can be expensive).
4. Edit the photo using your favourite photo editor – we recommend Lightroom.
5. Add a title, caption, location (including GPS), date and, of course, your name as the creator of the image – you can do all of this in Lightroom or use 'GeoSetter' free software.
6. Download and sign the After Alice Project copyright assignment form.
7. Send us the negatives and the signed copyright assignment document (by post) and the TIFF images (via Dropbox).
8. That's it – we'll do the rest and add your photos to the archive.

Please contact us to get started.