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Widdop Valley lies approximately 5 miles to the north-west of Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. The valley was originally divided by the stream, Hebden Water, which marked the boundary line between the two 'townships' of; HEPTONSTALL to the south-west which consisted of four, leasehold, farmsteads; WADSWORTH to the north-east, principally tenanted farms leased by the Savile Estate in 2 'clusters' 2 individual farms--New Laithe Hey and Pastures House. Source: http://www.widdop.moonfruit.com/


Widdop is an oval shaped, wide valley (Widdop means 'wide-valley') enclosed by rocky crags at the top of the Pennines very close to the Lancashire border. Though remote, high up, windswept, almost treeless and with poor soil, it's sheltered, bowl shape was always going to attract settlement, particularly on the south facing slopes. Much of the valley floor is now filled by the Yorkshire Water Board's reservoir, originally completed by 1878, which managed to 'finish off' the decline of the community which had existed since at least the 16th century, according to the documentary evidence. Earliest mention of Wydhope was in the 1379 Poll Tax. Source: http://www.widdop.moonfruit.com/

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Extended house - AAP16288
Not long ago this was a narrow derelict shell of a house.

Blake Dean - AAP16287
Woodland at the head of Hardcastle Crags

Above the Crags - AAP16286
House on the Shackleton side of Hardcastle Crags.

Above the Crags - AAP16285
House on the Shackleton side of Hardcastle Crags.

National Trust - AAP16284
Upper reaches of Hardcastle Crags near Blake Dean.

Railway - AAP16283
The remains old line of the railway used in the construction of the in dams in about 1929.

Blake Dean - AAP12124
Top of the Crags

Blake Dean - AAP12123
Top of the Crags

Blake Dean - AAP12122
Top of the Crags

Blake Dean - AAP12121
Top of the Crags

Blake Dean - AAP12120
Top of the Crags

Blake Dean - AAP12119
Top of the Crags

Pennine Bridleway - AAP15999
Track from the road

Pennine Bridleway - AAP15998
Cyclists on the Mary Townley Loop, part of the Pennine Bridleway.

Pennine Bridleway - AAP15997
Britain's only National Trail for horse riders and cyclists on the moors above Hardcastle Crags

The Ridge - AAP15996
Now more commonly known as the Packhorse, a popular food pub

Pennine Bridleway - AAP15995
Jack and Billy on the concrete access track for Lower Gorple

Damn wall - AAP15994
Looking towards Gorple Cottages

Damn wall - AAP15993
Looking towards Gorple Cottages

Gorple Lower Reservoir - AAP15992
Below Great Rough Hey
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