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Some samples from our archive:

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Waiting for the Tour de Yorkshire - AAP13019


Spectators along Station Road waiting for the cycle race to arrive.

Naming ceremony - AAP11684


For baby Mira (REDACTED) a naming ceremony at the Olive Branch Turkish restaurant in Sowerby Bridge.

Danny's bench - AAP13904


My name is Danny Halkyard, I walked these lanes and hills my body has moved on......but my spirit lingers still. Here's thanks to you stranger friends…

Hebden Bridge Juggling Club - AAP03958


The club has been running continuously since 1988. This is the last meeting at Salem Mill, Hebden Bridge. The last convenor was Martin Millard, the…

Up The Buttress - AAP02701


Up The Buttress is open to any and all, on any (road-worthy) bike. It’s a mere 400 yard climb of amusing steepitude, starting from the ancient…

Cafe interior - AAP10380


Inside Sandside Cafe on Sandsend Road

Road works - AAP15527


On the corner of Carlton Street and Sagar Street.

Conifers - AAP14658


On Field Head Lane. Shot on ten years out-of-date Kodak Elite 100 slide film and cross-processed in C41 chemicals.

Happy Christmas - AAP11489


Decorations hung over the road at the top of Hall Ings.

Jumps Road, Lydgate - AAP00232


Traffic on the Burnley Road, Lydgate, with the junction of Jumps Road on the left.

Apartments - AAP10549


On Railway Street

HSBC Bank - AAP15778


At the top of the appropriately name Bank Street.

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